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TiefTech emerged from a hobby of mine. Fast road driving and karting was my life until I was 25. Organizing illegal races was my passion. In the beginning, I built my own cars by reading intensely book after book on how to improve the suspension, etc.  I received many patents on my ideas. Now, at Tieftech , our promise to you is to only sell products that give positive results in performance and are fully tested.

Transparency: At TiefTech everyone is welcome to visit us and our operations. There are no trade secrets and no locked doors. You are welcome to see every area in our facility and taking pictures is allowed.

 Corporate Culture: Our employees are truly treated as partners and major decisions are made in a democratic way.

Pricing Strategy: Our products will always be competitively priced so that we can continue to gain market share in the Tuning business market.

Tested Products: We manufacture, distribute and sell, fully tested products. Not only do we do extensive testing on the products we sell, but after having completed successful testing sessions, most of our products are shipped to the TUV to do road testing at very high speeds. After this is completed, the product is introduced into the market place. If the product has a critical part, we perform torsion tests as well. We stand 100% behind the products we sell.

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